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The Serranos’s restaurant crew begun their adventure guided by Jesús Prieto Marquiegui and Telvi Serrano in the year 1982 with the illusion of riding a business together and enjoy the cuisine.

Gradually, the concern of these two young brought them to introduce themselves into others ways, as teach cooking,  Mycology, the wine world, new gastronomic technics, expanding their knowledge in different areas and promoting a new concept of the business. So, in 1995 we became into a Mycological restaurant, since then Serrano restaurant imparted numerous courses and conferences about mushrooms and cooking, being part of the Mycological Tasters of Castilla y León  cast and becoming into a leader at the mushroom tasting across the province of León.

After these years the idea has evolved, and the illusion has been renewed since the year 2006 our son Jesus Prieto Serrano,  has been incorporated to the dalily work, after ending his own academic cooking formation at “Hostelry School of San Cayetano” and after his  three months stage at Martin Berasategui’s. Now his providing the youth and illusion that is necessary for a work of so much responsibility and dedication like this.

Recently our daughter Miriam Prieto Serrano has joined to this wonderful family dream, contributing with her knowledge as “environmental sciences qualified” and her learning desire in a world as big as restoration.

We are located in city centre of Astorga, León just at 100m. from the Cathedral of Astorga and the Palacio Episcopal wich is a work of the catalán architect Antonio Gaudí. Crossed by the Camino de Santiago and the Vía de la Plata, and pretty close to Sancti Spiritu’s convent, all of them historical places wich for sure have had influenced our way of looking at life.

We like to priorize our seasonal product, and we always have the best raw material to satisfy our customers’ wishes.

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