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“Astur-Romanas” Journeys 2013

Posted by on 18 de July de 2013 | 0 comments

“Astur-Romanas” Journeys 2013

One more year, the “Borrallo” Gastronomic and Cultural Association, presents them days Astur-Romanas, extolling them delicacies of these two civilizations that lived in our city Asturica Augusta, on the occasion of the parties annual declared of interest tourist Regional that is held in the city the last weekend of July.

Astur-Roman Menu 2013. Tasting menu from July 19th to July 28th (2013).

The “Gustus” cold cream made with almonds, melon and oil, that used to be drinked in “Hispania”.

The “Prima Mesa:  Thunus Atlanticus with vegetables from “Astur” garden. (Starter: White tuna from Hispania)

The “Secunda Mesa: Moflete de Porco in Baco god’s red wine reduction” (Main course: Pork cheeks in red win reduction).

“Posterum”: Sour milk, dried fruit and nuts and Caius Apicius’ mint.

P.V.P 28 Denarii per person (1 denarii = 1€)

Menu served only if completed table. Wine is not included.

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