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BuscaSetas Gastronomic Journeys 2014

Posted by on 12 de November de 2014 | 0 comments

BuscaSetas Gastronomic Journeys  2014

One more year we are lucky to take part in the 12th edition of the mushrooms gastronomic journeys of Castilla y León. We would like to introduce you the “mushrrom tasting menu” for 2014 wich you could enjoy since Tuesday, November 10th until Sunday, November 23th, both days inclusive. Also, this will be the menu which will be available in our 2MIL14 AÑO DEL ARTE Y GASTRONOMÍA during the month of November with the exhibition of art and sculpture of Lolo Zapico.

Is required to make a reservation of the “tasting menu”


Mushrooms croquette. Boletus edulis and Boletus pinophilus


The Verdino bean, clam and Candida (mushroom). Leucopaxillus candidus


Monkfish, mashed potato and soup of Amanita (mushroom). Amanita caesarea


The morcillo (meat), carrot and Capuchina (mushroom). Tricholoma portentosum


Boletus King’s  “leche frita” (usuallyfried custard powdered with sugar and cinnamond,but… not this time 😉 ) with Pippin apple cream. Boletus regius

 This menu is only served at complete table. Wine is not included.

35 EUROS per person (i.v.a. included)

For the second consecutive the Organization of BUSCASETAS will raffle 10 two persons’ dinner between all customers. You could see the bases of the contest in the following link: Buscasetas’14 contest

If you love mushrooms, you will love our course of Mushrooms where you would be able to learn a lot of new things, but also, you will enjoy the best recipes hand to hand with our chef and mycologist expert,  Jesus Prieto Marquiegui.

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