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II Gastronomy and art journeys 2013

Posted by on 1 de June de 2013 | 0 comments

II Gastronomy and art journeys 2013

For five years, the Serrano restaurant of Astorga becomes for a few weeks in an exhibition room where art and gastronomy go hand in hand. With the presence of the artist, yesterday they began sessions dedicated to Lolo Zapico.

Villablino painter has ‘Hung’ more than 40 paintings on the walls of the dining rooms of the catering establishment. Works of various stages can be seen: the abstract and the figurative, this last reflects scenes from the mine, where Zapico worked as an engineer. Among the curiosities of the exhibition is the materials used to make his compositions, including sandpaper, which gives a special texture, or the use of high heels to finish any of the pictures.

The link between ‘Serrano’ and Lolo Zapico is “the fight. “It in their pictures reflects the fight by its area, the mining and us it do by our product of the Maragatería”, said Jesus Prieto.

The initiative has had the participation of artists from the likes of Escarpizo, Martín Cañizo and Teresa Suárez.

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