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Summer menu 2015

Posted by on 29 de July de 2015 | 0 comments

Summer menu 2015

With the arrival of the summer we better crave lighter and more fresh dishes, but we also like that those dishes continue being tasty and delectable…

If haven’t pass by our house yet, surely you haven’t realized of the latest news!! so, we are glad to introduce you our best dishes of summer… so irresistible that you will have no choice but to come here and taste them!

Dish for spoon:

  • The salmorejo with Iberian ham and boiled egg…


The Pica Pica of Serrano:

  • The tomato from the vegetable garden,  marinated tuna with “Escabeche” from the Serranos’

tomato with tuna

  • The monkfish with prawns cocktail… with an avocado pear touch…

spatter of monkfish

  • Smoked sardines with roasted vegetables and poached egg…



  • The best time to taste the white tuna loin (ventresca de bonito)

The meat

  • Out of doubt the king of the summer continues being our Oven roasted lamb with peppers from the Bierzo

The dessert that doesn’t get fat… makes you fatten!

  • Strawberries brew with “mantecado” ice cream

strawberries with ice cream

  • The sorbet of melon or mandarine orange
  • The black chocolate coulandt , pear cream and mandarine orange icecream.

couland of chocolate

If you like our seasonal dishes don’t miss our news from each season, everything updated in the seasonal menu and the gastronomic journeys.

Product of quality always in the best time to consume it!!!

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