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XI Buscasetas Journeys 2012

Posted by on 2 de November de 2012 | 0 comments

XI Buscasetas Journeys 2012

THE MYCOLOGICAL RICHNESS AND GASTRONOMY OF CASTILLA Y LEON PROMOTED BY THE SERRANO RESTAURANT. From November 2th to November 11th, the BUSCASETAS gastronomic journeys are an initiative of the castellano y leonesa delegation of the Euro-Toques Cooks Association and that counts on with the Junta de Castill y León sponsorship promoted by the culture and tourism counseling.

Castilla y León is the spanish region with greater mycological, wealth, both by production volume as by the variety of edible species. This generous amount of resources has crystallized in a deeply rooted culinary tradition that the region’s restoration bussiness are pleaased to introduce to their customers the first fifteen days in November.

So, at the SERRANO restaurant we present our buscasetas menu wich we called it “MICOcido”, within this menu we’ve joined the “cocido maragato” and the Mycology from the Teleno mountains, becoming into an original and very flovourful tasting menu:

Appetizer: tomato confit in oil of Boletus edulis and grape Mencia

The meats of MICOcido: Lacon, Moricllo, chorizo of mushrooms (Lactarius deliciosus), Bacon Ibérica, Terrine of carte of pork and mushrooms cooked to low temperature.

Vegetables and truffled potato: the false cabbage of Sparassis crispa and chickpeas of pardal peak with truffled potatoes

Fungal soup: Lactarius deliciosus, Hyndnum repandum and Boletus edulis

Dessert: the cornstarch pudding of chanterelles (Cantharellus cibarius)
Menu for table complete and price of 35€ / person (without wine cellar)

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